Talat Ahmad Bhutta

BSc(Computer Science) from BZU Multan 1999. Served as Network Administrator/Lecturer in University of Lahore from 1999 to 2004. Master of Computer Science (MCS) from University of Lahore in 2002. Joined OGRA, Islamabad in 2004. MSCS (18 Years Qualification) from IIU, Islamabad in 2012. MPhil (Govt & Public Policy) from NDU, Islamabad 2017. PhD (Governance & Public Policy) in process from NUML, Islamabad. Founder of NDU Alumni. Coordinator of Nelibar Officers Association in Islamabad. Participated in Golden Jubilee of Pakistan (1997) from GC Sahiwal and got 2nd position in Punjab in 50 year Quiz competition. Serving as Deputy Executive Director (Tech/IT) OGRA, Islamabad

Email Address: talat_ah@hotmail.com