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Course Outline: Brief history of Computer, Four Stages of History, Computer Elements, Processor, Memory, Hardware, Software, Application Software its uses and Limitations, System Software its Importance and its Types, Types of Computer (Super, Mainframe, Mini and Micro Computer), Introduction to CBIS (Computer Based Information System), Methods of Input and Processing, Class2. Organizing Computer Facility, Centralized Computing Facility, Distributed Computing Facility, Decentralized Computing Facility, Input Devices. Keyboard and its Types, Terminal (Dump, Smart, Intelligent), Dedicated Data Entry, SDA (Source Data Automation), Pointing Devices, Voice Input, Output Devices. Soft- Hard Copies, Monitors and its Types, Printers and its Types, Plotters, Computer Virus and its Forms, Storage Units, Primary and Secondary Memories, RAM and its Types, Cache, Hard Disks, Working of Hard Disk, Diskettes, RAID, Optical Disk Storages (DVD, CD ROM), Magnetic Types, Backup System, Data Communications, Data Communication Model, Data Transmission, Digital and Analog Transmission, Modems, Asynchronous and Synchronous Transmission, Simplex. Half Duplex, Full Duplex Transmission, Communications, Medias (Cables, Wireless), Protocols, Network Topologies (Star, Bus, Ring), LAN, LAN, Internet, A Brief History, Birthplace of ARPA Net, Web Link, Browser, Internet Services provider and Online Services Providers, Function and Features of Browser, Search Engines, Some Common Services available on Internet.

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