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Library Facilities

Library is an integral part of the education system. It plays an important part in the development of students and teachers knowledge and built their scholarly image. At present, their exists two libraries in the college campus, Center Library and a Library for the Post Graduate Classes. There are 50,000 books in total. Students are encouraged to utilize this facility to improve their knowledge and personality.

To make the library dynamic and effective following regulations are observed:

  • Keep Silence in the library and associated reading rooms.
  • No such activity is allowed which disturbs other students in the library and the reading rooms.
  • Books are issued equal to the amount of their library security, however more costly books are available only in the library.
  •  All books are issued for 14 days. A fine of Rs. 1/day is charged for additional days.
  • For the issuance of books from the library an indent is filed a day before the book is issued.
  • Any damage to the book is received from the student. Multiple price might be charged for the missing books.
  • Roll No. Slips for Board and University examinations are issued to the students having library clearance.
  • Library card is issued after the issuance of college I.D. Card / Bus Card.


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