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  • Apart from fee concession, deserving students are granted scholarships by Govt. Universities to Nvns, Board, District, Council, student aid society, zakat, hilal-e-ahmar and donor. For further details contact incharge fee concession/scholarship. Student can not get more than one scholarship.
  • Principal has the authority to give full or half fee concession to 10% of deserving students in each category/class.
  • If and elder brother of sister of any student is studying in this college or any other college or university and paying full fee then he/she will be given half fee concession. To have this facility it is necessary to present a certificate by the elder brother/sister’s for full payment of fee. This concession will be cancelled in case bogus or false in formations is given.
  • Students are financially supported from Hilal-e-Ahmar fund. Student will have to give separate application for getting this concession.
  • The eldest child of Govt. school teacher upto grade 15 is given full fee concession and half fee concession to the others. For this purpose certificates attested by the DEO should be attached explaining that the student is the eldest son of the teacher. Concession should be obtained before the payment of dues at the time of admission.
  • Hafiz-e-Quran students eligible for admission are entitled for full fee concession for the whole academic period. But they will have to contact to the incharge fee concession before paying the admission fee. This benefit will automatically finish in case of no recommendation from the incharge.
  • Scholarships from zakat fund are given to deserving students according to a procedure laid down by the Govt. of Punjab. Moreover, provincial Govt. gives scholarships to the two children of a servant (in service, disable, retired, or deceased) of any Govt. department from welfare fund. For this applications are submitted every year in December.  Contact incharge scholarship for further information. If the performance of any student is not satisfactory, his concessions can be cancelled. Similarly the scholarship of students taking part in politics or violating college rules will be cancelled. All concessions and scholarships are given for one year and a fresh application has to submit in the next year.

Consultation and advisory health services are available for the student. A reasonably equipped dispensary looked after by a qualified doctor or assisted by a dispenser exists at the college campus. For the minor medical problems, medicines are provided fee of cost. However complicated cases are referred to the District Head Quarter Hospital.
College Canteen
A canteen is situated near the college library and rose garden. Refreshment items are available at reasonable price. A separate refreshment counter is also arranged for the Post-Graduate girls students in the recess period. Problems and complaint concerning college canteen are dealt by the refreshment committee.
Sports and Physical Training
The students getting admission in the college are encouraged to take part in sports of their interest and physical training programs. Facilities almost in all sports are provided in the campus. College has maintained a respectable position in the annual sport competition at board and university level over the last fifty years. Sport festival is arranged every year in the spring season. At present sports department provides the facilities for the game of cricket, hockey, football, volley ball, basket ball, lawn tennis, table tennis, badminton, weight lifting, wrestling, kabaddi, swimming and athletics. A marvelous swimming pool exists in the college campus.
Tutorial System
Every student taking admission in the college becomes member of a tutorial group. These tutorial groups are established to polish the creative capabilities of the students and to motivate the students to participate in healthy co-curricular activities. Tutorial meetings are arranged after every 15 days and the attendance is mandatory. A Special fine of Rs. 5/- is charged on each absentee. There are 50 tutorial groups. Roll numbers from 1 through 50 are members of group 1 to 50 (i.e roll no. 1 is member of tutorial group 1 and so on). While student having roll nos. from 51 to onward can locate their relevant tutorial group by dividing their college roll nos. by 50.

College Magazine and College Gazette.
A well reputed literacy magazine, “The Sahiwal” is published by the college. This magazine provides an opportunity to polish and enhance the literacy qualities of the students. Creative, knowledge above and research oriented writings of the teacher and students are invited and published in “The Sahiwal”. Editor and sub-Editor are selected from the students on the basis of creative literacy capabilities. A brief description of the on going college activities and important notices are published through college gazette.
Co-Curricular Activities.
Co-curricular activities are very important to improve the personality of the students. Those activities help the students to prepare for the practical life. For this purpose, various societies and clubs are constituted. Meetings and functions are arranged under these societies. Moreover, annual functions like annual debates, annual sports, merit function and convocation add to this tradition.

Old Student Society “Sahiwalians”
There exists a society for the old students of this institution named “Sahiwalian”. Under this society, old students get to gather and recall their sweet memories of their stay at the college. This society is run under the patronage of the Principal.
Teacher – Student – Parent Coordination Committee
Parents are an important part of the educational system along with teachers and students. Parents are motivated and encouraged to participate in the development of conductive educational environment in the college campus. This committee organizes functions and meetings for this purpose.
Library is an integral part of the education system. It plays an important part in the development of students and teachers by imparting knowledge and built there scholarly image. At present their exists two libraries in the college campus. Central library and a library for the Post-Graduate classes. There are 50,000 books in total. Students are encouraged to utilize this facility to improve their knowledge and personality. To make the library dynamic and effective following regulations are observed.

  • Keep silence in the library and associated reading rooms.
  • No such activity is allowed which disturbs other students in the library and the reading rooms.
  • Books are issued equal to the amount of their library security, however more costly books are available only in the library.
  • All books are issued for 14 days. A fine of Rs. 01/day is charged for additional days.
  • For the issuance of books from the library an indent is filed a day before the book is issued.
  • Any damage to the book will be received from the student. Multiple price might be charged for the mission books.
  • Roll number slips for board and university examinations are issued to the students having library clearance.
  • Library card is issued after the issuance of college ID card/Bus card.

Cycle Club.
There is a college cycle club to facilitate the college students. Rs. 100/ - are received from student having cycle or motor cycles. It is compulsory for students having cycles to get their names, Roll Nos, and class written by painter on the back of cycles and get lock for safety. Otherwise they will not be allowed to use the cycle stand.



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