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1. More than 500 student have qualified for Cheif Miniter Laptop Scheme 2012. Among these 500 students there were 350 female and 150 male students.

2.  In the year 2009. More than 18 positions in “different faculties of the Post-Graduate classes have been won in BZU. Pass percentage of this college has been much better than the average pass percentage of BZU i.e in English pass percentage of BZU. Is 40% while it is 93% in this college, and similarly in Mathematics pass percentage of BZU is 51% while in this college it is 81%, In Botany, Urdu and Political Science etc. the result of this college is 100%.

3. 30 thesis at M.Sc Botany and three theses at M.Phil level have been completed under the supervision of Dr. Muhamamd Yasin (Late) thesis of M.Sc Physics were completed under supervision of Dr. Anwaar Ahmad Principal of Govt. Post-Graduate College, Sahiwal.

4. The federal Ministry of IT Islamabad awarded scholarship to the students of this college to study BSCS in FAST National University in the year 2006. This was the maximum number of students from any institution from all over Pakistan.

5. Govt. Post-Graduate College, Sahiwal has been nominated as one of the Model colleges in the Southern Punjab.

6. Govt. of the Punjab has also selected this college for the introduction of Pilot BS-4 year program and a grant of approximately Rs. 36.175 Million has been allocated for the uplift of the Infrastructure of the college. Only twenty six colleges have been selected for the said pilot program in Punjab and Govt. Post-Graduate College, Sahiwal.

7. Govt. of the Punjab also selected the college for BS-4 year program in nine subjects.

8. Chief Minister of the Punjab awarded Merit certificate to the college in 2011.

9. Three research papers published in the journals in 2011.

10. The seven students of the college were selected to the participate in the Chief Ministers co-curricular contest and won third position in English debate at the provincial level in 2011.

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