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Faculty Members of English

Rana Muhammad Akram

M.A (Eng) Asso. Professor

 Mr. M. Tahir Islam Asso. Prof.
M.A. (English) (IUB)

 Mr. M Afzaal Alvi Asso. Prof.

M.A (Eng) PU

  Mr. Abdul Latif Asst. Prof.
M.A. (English) (PU)
 Mr. Hafiz M. Ahmad Asst. Prof.
M.A. (English) (PU)
 Mr. Khalid Saleem Asst. Prof.
M.A. (English) (PU)

Mr. Muhammad Arshad Asst. Prof.
M.A. (English) (PU)

 Mr. Zia Illyas Warriach Asst. Prof.
M.A. (English) (BZU)
 Ghumal Shbair Saqib Asst. Prof.
M.A. (English) (BZU)

Mr. Ikram Ullah Asst. Professor
M.A. (English), B.Ed. (BZU)

 Mr. M. Ahmad Ch. Asst. Prof.
M.A. (English) (PU)
 Mr. M. Ahmad Shah Lecturer
M.A. (Eng) (GPGC Swl), M.Ed., LLB. M. Phill (Eng)

Mr. Asad Noor Lecturer
M.A. (English) (GPGC Swl)

Mr. Imran Iqbal Lecturer

M.A (Eng), M. Phill (Eng)

    Mr. Abid Raza Lecturer
M.A. (English), B.Ed. LLB. (BZU)

Ms. Bushra Ameen

M.A (Eng) Lecturer

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